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Colour Chart

The chart below displays an extract from each print. To view the full print, click on the extract.
July Meadow Flowers Snowdrop Camelia Charlotte de Rothschild Helebore 'White Magic' Papaver Orientale Magnolia Grandiflora Head Magnolia Grandiflorum Helleborus Niger Abutilon Vitifolium Alba Small Romneya Large Romneya Rhododendron Lindleyi
Helleborus Niger - Small Dried Garlic Yellow Summer Border Apple with Mouse Shaggy Ink Cap Cep or Penny Bun Tulip Tree Oxslip Primula Vulgaris Lilium 'Limelight' Iris 'Godfrey Owen' Narcissus
Cowslip Dandelion Sunflower Courgette Orange Birch Bolette Brown Onions Carrots Potatoes Lilium 'Apricot' Rhododendron Cinnabarinum Tomatoes Red Peppers
Chilli Pelargonium - Bright Raspberry Russula Lepida Strawberry Rose Etoile d'Holland Rhododendron Thomsonii Red Papaver Goliath Red Onions Poppy "Mrs Perry" Aquilegia Hybrids Rhododendron Nobleanum
Hawthorn or May Tree Dog Rose Paeony 'Instituteur Doriat' Pelargonium - Pale Pink Paeony 'Bowl of Beauty' Pink Sweet Pea Tulip Pink Diamond Nerine Bowdenii Rhododendron  Ciliatum Rosa Gallica Versicolor July Hedgerow Flowers Mauve Sweet Pea
Beetroot Mecanopsis Grandis Spear Thistle Cabbage Iris 'Bruno' Wild Violets Auricula Adrian Primula Auricula Hybrid Cyclamen Hybrid Magnolia Leonard Messel Blue Clematis Pink Summer Border
Fresh Garlic Pink Clematis Hydrangea - pink Turnip Viola Labradorica Iris Xiphium Primula Auricula 'CG Hayson' Viola Rebecca Sloe or Blackthorn English Bluebell Harebells Hydrangea - Small Blue
Agapantha Praecox Iris 'Song of Norway' Primula 'Pale Blue' Vase of Viola Aubergine Auricula Prague Brussel Sprouts Pak Choi Okra Leeks Peas Broadbeans
Artichoke Celery Asparagus Fennel Rhubarb

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Solution Graphics

We cannot guarantee that the colours displayed on your screen are as vibrant as or the same shade as the actual print. The images are not to scale.
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